Antea Group

Antea Group is a consulting firm with approximately 5500 consultants operating globally at the forefront of the development and application of sustainable and integral solutions in our living environment. Antea plays a responsible role by using our expertise to ensure a sustainable future, full of pride and enjoyment.

Antea Group believes in the enormous potential of tidal energy and is making a case around the world for the development of this alternative, sustainable manner of extracting energy from water. Through the POWER Group, we are involved in the creation of a thirty-kilometer-long energy barrage in China. Closer to home, we are taking the lead in the creation of the Grevelingendam Tidal Testing Centre.

Due to its drastic impact on the environment, variable returns and large investments, tidal energy never really got off the ground for a long time. New technology and turbines are making it possible to use the existing current or efficiently generate energy in low-head situations. Antea Group recognizes the opportunities this creates for the generation of energy from the tides on a large and small scale, for instance by integrating turbines into existing hydraulic structures.