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SCHOTTEL is an innovative group of companies specializing in the development, design, production and servicing of azimuthing propulsion and maneuvering systems, controllable pitch propellers as well as complete propulsion systems with power ratings of up to 30 MW for vessels of different sizes and types.Based on more than 60 years of experience in submerged rotating power systems in harsh marine environment, SCHOTTEL took a step into tidal energy. The result is a small, efficient, lightweight turbine without any additional complicated attributes. The SCHOTTEL turbines is relatively easy to install and can be maintained with local workers. The turbines are commercially available and mass production is started up.



Tocardo is a Dutch company focusing on the development of total tidal energy solutions, with its origin in the develop-ment of tidal turbines. Tocardo has two turbine types commer-cially available - the T1 and T2 - and 10 turbines are operational and grid connected presently in the Netherlands and the UK. Currently, Tocardo’s standard 1.5MW offshore platform named UFS is developed for its first deployment next year. The Tocardo concept was developed within an incubator for renewable concepts. Different marine energy concepts, from a venturi to a ring generator, have been developed but proved to be too expensive and unreliable. Instead of focusing on efficiency the decision was made to focus on reliability and affordability. The offshore experience and knowledge within the company resulted in the installation of the first Tocardo test turbine in 2005, followed by the installation of a commercial turbine in 2008. Tocardo became an independent company in 2008 and has been fully commercial since 2012 when the first turbines were sold to clients in Nepal and Japan. Together with Huisman, builder and designer of the turbine’s support structure, Tocardo has installed five T2 tidal turbines in the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier (Oosterschelde barrier): the world’s largest tidal installation consisting of five turbines in an array. Read more:



Aquatera was established in 2000 to provide a modern and innovative suite of environmental services and products. The company delivers to local, UK and worldwide markets and has established a strong track record in the renewable energy and other energy sectors. This work includes preparation of strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and environmental impact assessment (EIA) documents for renewable energy projects and strategies, as well as resource assessment studies, risk assessments, design advice, operations support, environmental surveying, developing visualisation tools and producing information and awareness materials.



Betta Batteries has created modular energy supply systems that act as the perfect solution for providing permanent, mobile, or backup energy. Solutions are suitable for use in on- and off-grid locations, anywhere in the world. All of the systems can be used with existing generator, grid, solar and wind renewable energy to create a reliable, scalable power supply for remote locations, relief situations, schools, clinics, and small businesses. Betta batteries use a lead crystal battery with unique qualifications outperforming all other battery solutions.