Tidal Bridge, the company

Tidal Bridge has been founded in 2015 bringing together the top-notch experience in the tidal world. All partners have gained experience in the realization of tidal projects.

The partners of Tidal Bridge BV are BAM International and Dutch Expansion Capital (DEC) with a purpose to establish a product line based on the different experiences and businesses of the founders. BAM International is a multi billion dollar international contractor while DEC is a hands-on investment company.

BAM International is an operating company of Royal BAM Group, one of Europe’s largest contracting companies active in construction, property, civil engineering, public Рprivate partnerships, mechanical and electrical contracting, consultancy and engineering.

BAM operates in over 30 countries across the globe, BAM International operates outside Western Europe. The BAM acronym is included in the names of all subsidiaries and joint ventures to indicate that in all our activities we benefit from the collective strength, know-how and experience of the entire Royal BAM Group.

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DEC is an hands-on investment company who invest in life-changing, sustainable companies and ventures that harness substantial growth potential. DEC is seeking gems with sustainable innovations, which have a technology that can be game changing and operate in growing end markets.

In 2012 DEC has founded the turbine developer Tidalys with the French inventors and has managed the business development of the company gaining relevant insights and international networks in the tidal business.

The portfolio of DEC consists of thirty young fast growing companies. Funding of the investments comes from a diversified network of investors.

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